Sunday, December 31, 2017

Virtual Money Games That Pay Out In Real Money

Welcome to my blog. Here you will find information for a few games that actually give you the chance to earn money from them legally without having to do anything against the ToS! Best of all, none of these games actually require that you invest anything into them. Doing so, however, does provide benefits such as speeding up your progression.

First off, this game simulates a real world market. The player starts off with nothing but can build up and eventually control an entire city's worth of companies. For more information, check the game's blog page here:

Second, this game feels much faster pace than the first. This is because it gives you a reason to keep coming back to it all throughout the day. The goal starting out is to fight aliens and earn some income. You spend 1 stamina per each time you attack, and you gain 1 stamina every 20 minutes. For more, visit the game's blog page here:

Third, and my personal favorite kind of game, is a simulator for building and governing your own city, and even start wars against other countries and conquer other players. Think of this one as being close to games such as The Sims or Tropico, or maybe even some of my old favorites like Pharaoh or 1701 A.D. This game is completely based off of real gold. You can build up your fortune, and sell it off to other players - or trade it in for a REAL gold bar which would be mailed directly to you. Now, like most real money games, as well as any other persistent online city building game, this one moves very slow. Slower than most when starting out, for sure. But once you get going - everything really takes off. Starting at level 5, you can build your first gold mine! For more, visit the game's blog page here:

Fourth, this one here is a dungeon crawler. It doesn't have fancy graphics or game play, but at the end of every month, all the gold you have accumulated gets converted into a currency redeemable for real cash. This is a game that you can spend a little bit of time on each day and make some profit in doing so. They also offer quite a few contests for ways to earn bonus gold during the month. For more, visit the game's blog page here:

Fifth, there is also a virtual poker game. This one isn't going to get it's own page written like the others, because that's all it is. Poker. You can either play poker for your earnings, or take advantage of the other free offers they have for earning. For more, visit the game's website here:

Lastly, a BRAND NEW game just started TODAY (December 15th, 2013) at midnight GMT+2! This one is going to have you manage your own football (known as soccer in USA) team! Of course, because this is brand new, I don't really know anything about it yet, other than how to sign up - which is actually a bit non-obvious. To register and try out this game, you will need to make an account with the first game I mentioned above (they are the same company). For convenience, here is the link: After you register and sign in, in the top right of your main screen, you should see a button labeled "Invest Euro". Directly under that is a link to go play the new game. Clicking it will send you to a page and have you name your new team. While I am not yet 100%, it does seem as though this game is made to be funded (at least partially) from your success with the market simulation game I linked to above. (Added later) After more looking around, it seems this game doesn't actually start being playable until January 15th.

No matter which of these games you choose you play, I wish you luck for success! For most of them, I will help when I can as well, so don't hesitate to message me either here or in game.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Market Simulation's Government Increases Minimum Wage

Well now, looks like a new agreement passed finally that increases wages to $132 (based on productivity) for my country of USA!

Good news for all as this means more money! It also means my organization is bumping up wages for other members to over $160!

This increases my earning by a good $2 each day (based on ~39 productivity).

Good luck to the rest of you!

Link to the game:

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Alien battles christmas event begins

The alien fighting game currently has an event going that makes a level 6 monster killable by a fresh level 1 newbie, and it drops materials. It also gives 18 exp per kill, rather than the 1 - 3 that fresh players would normally be getting. This is a great time to jump in and get a boost in levels. All you have to do is move to the city for the country you choose that has the aliens.

Event dates: 12/22/13 -12/28/13
Event has ended.

Link to game's page:
Event details as outlined by admin:

ALERT: The PAFF reports that our worst fears have come true, Alien forces from neighbor galaxies have joined forces and attacked us in order to take our trees, and use them as Christmas trees. 
We have to stop them! 


PAFF tried to estimate their numbers, but they are just too many. However, we can distinguish smaller aliens and bigger ones. 

Radars show four kinds of smaller aliens, they have been named by PAFF as follows: 
- Rein Sarwash 
- Rednose Orc 
- Snow Clown 
- Polar Elf 

The bigger ones are named as follows: 
- Astral Sleighter 
- Nine Mile Utah 
- Pluto Claus 
- Grinch 

Fortunately they don't show any signs of aggressiveness. 

They are equipped with some new kind of weapons and equipments. Kill the aliens and gather the dropped pieces so we can use them for G grade products. 

The Rein Sarwashes, Rednose Orcs, Snow Clowns and Polar Elves have very low HP. However, they are surrounded by a special force field which gives them extra defense. 
We have learned from their last assault, that this force field is defending them only against certain weapons, while they are more vulnerable to others: 

  • Rein Sarwashes can be killed with one physical shot of an I grade Pistol.

  • Rednose Orcs can be killed with one physical shot* of an I grade Rifle.
  • Snow Clowns can be killed with one physical shot* of an I grade Shotgun.
  • Polar Elves can be killed with one physical shot* of an I grade Sniper.
  • * when hit with full stamina 

    The Astral Sleighters, Nine Mile Utahs, Pluto Claues and Grinches do not have low HP, so we need to use Trap nets first to neutralize them. 
    When trapped, we need to use our weapons as follows: 

  • Astral Sleighters can be killed with one physical shot of a H grade Pistol.
  • Nine Mile Utahs can be killed with one physical shot* of a H grade Rifle.
  • Pluto Claues can be killed with one physical shot* of a H grade Shotgun.
  • Grinches can be killed with one physical shot* of a H grade Sniper.
  • * when hit with full stamina 

    Electro-magnetic shots with Phosphoric acid fuel cells make no damage on them. 

    ALERT: The PAFF (Planetary Alien Fighting Force) has issued a warning statement regarding the increased demand for pine trees. 
    Everybody wants one for Christmas, which can lead to wood shortage. 
    If neighbor galaxies are confronted with the same issue, we might get unexpected guests.